Joshua Rodriguez

What should the city do when confronted with homeless individuals who refuse to go into a shelter or temporary housing? 

Under federal law, if an individual has refused adequate shelter or housing, the city will continue to enforce its laws against urban camping, the first-step being citation. 

How would you address crime in the city? 

As your mayor, I would address rising criminal activity by strengthening our police force and would immediately work to recoup the 250 police officers that our department is currently short.  

I would implement a citywide reporting system that would utilize all citywide employees in reporting crimes in progress to help assist our police and fire departments in the rapid deployment of resources and would help dissuade criminal behavior with a very low financial impact. 

With oil revenue dropping, and the city facing the possibility that Measure M revenue could disappear, what will you do to balance the budget in coming years? 

The city has an obligation to operate and provide emergency services. We will prioritize those emergency services first and find new ways of obtaining revenue to balance our budget, for example: selling infrastructure naming rights. Essentially this program would offer naming rights to businesses in exchange for advertising. The agreement would include all or partial responsibility in upholding health and infrastructure responsibilities of the building/property/project. For example, the Long Beach Animal Shelter could become Petco Animal Facility. 

The state is requiring Long Beach to make room for 26,502 new housing units by 2029. How should those housing units be distributed throughout the city?  

As your mayor, I would join the legal battle against this state requirement. Long Beach is overdeveloped, and its municipal powers are being stripped away by these requirements. Long Beach should maintain its municipal power to control its future development. We will continue our normal development, to resolve our housing crisis, in a manageable, and sensible way.  

The Queen Mary will require at least tens of millions in repairs to just remain in the state that it’s in currently. Is this a wise investment for the city, or should something else be done with the ship? 

Long Beach is in no place to continue spending money on the Queen Mary but should responsibly maintain it to avoid higher costs later. Until Long Beach has eliminated the current budget deficit, we should shy away from any larger repair, modernization or projects with the Queen Mary. 

While Long Beach pursues a balanced budget, we should continue to seek proposals, plans, ideas and projects to make the Queen Mary self-sustainable. If Long Beach cannot find a suitable plan for the Queen Mary, we should seek the best way of repurposing it to benefit our city.  

The city never imposed a vaccine mandate on its employees, and recently lifted its indoor mask mandate. What should the city do if there’s a new surge of COVID-19 infections?  

Long Beach should continue to inform the public of new outbreaks, on how to avoid infection, and how to take responsible measures in protecting themselves. Long Beach should offer cleaning and sanitation services to venues/ restaurants when faced with outbreaks. The city should ask businesses and restaurants if they would be willing to participate in an “at-risk” program that offers exclusive protected hours to higher-risk populations. The city would advertise these businesses and hours on the city website.