Raul Cedillo

What should the city do when confronted with homeless individuals who refuse to go into a shelter or temporary housing?

Housing is a human right, and therefore we should aim to house everyone. Refusal of help can be a result of fear or even substance use that results in poor decision making. This requires outreach, understanding their concerns, proper access to health care and mental care.

How would you address crime in the city?

Crime is a side effect caused by the lack of opportunities for upward mobility. We will invest in the needs of the people to improve quality of life. These investments include affordable housing, public transportation, youth programs, educational opportunities, and mental health services. 

With oil revenue dropping, and the city facing the possibility that Measure M revenue could disappear, what will you do to balance the budget in coming years?

Oil is a bigger contributor to climate change, poor health and medical debt, than it is a contributor to our economy. Measure M was found to be an unlawful source of revenue. We will divest from the police budget, our largest expense totaling hundreds of millions of dollars with the lowest return on investment. We will reallocate those funds to our areas of need for a balanced budget. 

The state is requiring Long Beach to make room for 26,502 new housing units by 2029. How should those housing units be distributed throughout the city? 

Housing affordability is key as we want to avoid displacing our residents. No more gentrification. The vast majority of homes will be built based on areas of need while others will be in response to building permit requests. Community Land Trusts will be established opening new doors to home ownership. 

The Queen Mary will require at least tens of millions in repairs to just remain in the state that it’s in currently. Is this a wise investment for the city, or should something else be done with the ship?

A wise investment is one that pays good dividends. The best solution is one that does not continue to take millions of dollars away from the taxpayer. I fully support and will push the federal government to name the Queen Mary a national monument and place it in their care.

The city never imposed a vaccine mandate on its employees, and recently lifted its indoor mask mandate. What should the city do if there’s a new surge of COVID-19 infections?

The safety and needs of the people will always come first. Therefore the guidelines will be those recommended by health officials and medical experts. It is not the place of a mayor or councilman to suggest that they know better than epidemiologists.