Jeanette Barrera

Jeanette Barrera, 38, is a mental health provider who has lived in the district for 10 years. She is a registered Democrat.



ATU 1277, AFSCME 3620, Latinas Lead, Teamsters

Why are you running for the 2nd District?

As a provider in mental health in social work I have assisted families and youth navigate through the foster care court system, juvenile probation, and Long Beach Unified School District for the purpose of providing restorative justice utilizing community resources. I am the only candidate who has had actual, direct, in-person service helping residents find affordable housing, battling homelessness, and ensuring economic inclusion.  I’m running because I want to use my social work experience and vast knowledge of “the system” to address housing, economic disparity and improve the quality of life for all the residents of our community.

What do you see as the biggest problem facing the 2nd District, and how do you propose solving it?

Housing and Homelessness; two coincide. Homelessness is actually our biggest and most problematic issue facing district 2 because human lives are at stake.  However, we cannot discuss homelessness without having a CANDID conversation about housing. I know this because in 2014, I personally rolled out a California State initiative for an early homeless PREVENTION program in the County of Los Angeles. HAVING A HOME is a fundamental right and I will assure it by implementing real inclusionary housing legislation. I will partner with prominent organizations to implement bridge and supportive housing in Long Beach and surrounding cities.

We are in the beginning stages of our own Downtown Los Angeles homeless epidemic in the heart of our city.  We cannot continue to count on public officials with no actual hands-on work experience, education, or knowledge about this social crisis.

What are your specific plans to address homelessness?

First, I’d continue to work directly with top organizations who have been doing the work to reduce homelessness. Make sure they have the resources and means to reduce homelessness at a much faster rate, and also bridge and supportive housing.  These are things we can implement now … today. We cannot sit and wait around for State and Federal funds to save us. These are concrete solutions we can implement while focusing on housing, mental health, physical health, drug abuse and all other catalystS that add to the homeless crisis.   

Not to mention, as a community liaison, I have been fighting for families and children in Long Beach Court, Long Beach Unified School District, Los Padrinos Juvenile Detention Center, Department of Children and Family Services, and L.A. County Sex Trafficking Court.  And, I will continue to be the only candidate who has actually demonstrated through my career representing my community and those who historically have been targeted. That said, it is this level of organization and experience that has prepared me to be the most effective mediator and negotiator of terms. I facilitate difficult conversations for a living.

Do you believe there is a parking issue in the district? If so, how would you address it?

Of course. Parking is an issue through Long Beach and besides the quality of life issues it presents to the residents, the climate impact is damaging to the environment. Mass Transit is an area I am also passionate about because of the long term effects on the environment caused by single-occupant drivers. We also need to overhaul existing parking legislation to make sure it is more efficient for all Long Beach neighborhoods.

What, if anything, is wrong with the Broadway Corridor and how would you fix it?

Everything really. While I like bike lanes and use them myself, the potential safety issues, the tension between residents and the damaging effect it has on small businesses—therefore the local economy—is too hard to ignore. The solution would be to create alternative parking solutions to take some of the weight off parking on Broadway to free up space for timed parking in front of our broadway small businesses.